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American experts say META is an excellent metaverse new generation cryptocurrency

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American experts say META is an excellent metaverse new generation cryptocurrency

January 21
21:51 2022

The Metaverse, which literally means “beyond the universe”, is the parallel digital world. Many activities that take place in real life can be extended to the metaverse. Now, the Metaverse is becoming a new place where people can socialize, explore, play games and even make money.

The virtual world can be accessed via a computer, VR headset or smartphone.Users can have a virtual copy of themselves in this virtual world, play games as a character, interact in chat rooms and even participate in virtual events (such as concerts, conferences, etc.). Like the movie Ready Player One and the game Second Life.

Pop stars Ariana Grande, Kaskade and Travis Scott have all held virtual concerts in the game Fortnite, bringing fantastical visuals where players can run around and interact with them.

More importantly, the metaverse is decentralized. No tech company can own the metaverse. Users can seamlessly and instantly move their avatars and assets across various virtual worlds, just like switching interfaces back and forth on a smartphone. And blockchain technology makes this possible.

META is the key part that makes the Metaverse possible.

META is a cryptoasset that represents ownership of unique things, such as digital land, digital art, digital clothing, music, in-game assets, and more.

The main characteristic of META is that it is not interchangeable or substitutable. Therefore, META is inherently unique, which creates scarcity value.

In the virtual world, all virtual and intangible items can be represented as META, whether it is an in-game equipment skin, a JPG image, or any other digital content.

Gamers may also decide to auction them through META in exchange for money. They can also exchange it for tokens to spend in the metaverse.

The relationship between META and the Metaverse is symbiotic and co-prosperous: the Metaverse can provide users with rich consumer content, and META can anchor the value of digital assets, generate a real digital economic system, and make the Metaverse truly operate.

For artists, META has become a new way and opportunity to make money.

META gives creators the right to rent, sell, or display digital artworks as they wish. After META art is created, it is “minted” or tokenized on the cryptocurrency service Blockchain to gain some “legal” ownership of its work.

The Metaverse is open to a diverse digital art market.

There are now platforms like Rarible, OpenSea, Mintbase and Niftygateway where artists can create digital works. Creating a META on these platforms is as simple as uploading a JPEG or video file and making it available to buyers.

Artists can sell their original works here. Users can use these platforms to buy and collect digital art and use it in their virtual worlds.

Musicians making digital music can also use the META platform. ROCKI launched their music META platform on the popular digital exchange Binance SmartChain (BSC).

The Metaverse will lead to the intersection of art, culture and technology. It’s an interactive fantasy world in the digital realm, where things of value can be exchanged and content can be purchased.

Regardless, it will have an impact on the way people interact and exchange tokenized digital assets.

As digital art, digital fashion and gaming grow in popularity, so will the demand for digital land.

Where will digital art be displayed? A virtual gallery in the metaverse.

Where will digital socks and sneakers be worn? On the avatar in the Metaverse.

Where will the game be played? Interactive settings in the Metaverse.

It’s all related and all coming together in a virtual world in the metaverse.

Now, the metaverse age has come. If we must define the metaverse, experts believe that the metaverse is more synonymous with the blockchain era. Essentially, the Metaverse is the inauguration of a new way of transmitting data. It realizes the two-way free flow of data transmission between the real world and the virtual world. Whether it is the connection between the virtual world and the real world, or the bridging of physical assets and digital assets, it is premised and based on the free flow of data transmission. With META blockchain technology, what we really achieve is the point-to-point transmission of data, the encryption and immutability of data, and a complete set of trust mechanisms formed to ensure these. In the metaverse, in addition to relying on the current traditional identity authentication system, our identity will most likely be connected to the blockchain identity authentication system in the future, which means that even without the need for traditional identity authentication, using META can also determine the user identity, and can also ensure that the identity of others will not be copied or stolen.

For the connection between real currency and digital currency, META realizes no cash and no paper currency, so that the real currency and virtual currency can be freely communicated, so that the exchange of assets between the real world and the virtual world is no longer a problem. All these changes, in essence, are caused by the deep changes in the underlying technology, and this underlying technology is the blockchain technology that has brought us deep changes.When the blockchain technology realizes the transformation of such a complete set of systems, from the inside out, from the top to the bottom, what we have really entered is a brand new era called the metaverse. The popularity of the metaverse concept has finally led more and more people to associate it with new technologies such as big data, VR/AR, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. And thus opened the application of these new technologies in the Metaverse.

We are reconstructing the way the world uses code today. We think that there may be some consumer goods and works of art in the future, which is a very good direction for META. The metaverse we just discussed before may be implemented today as blockchain games and blockchain artworks, and may be a way to bring more human attention and appreciation and economic value to the metaverse.

We won’t talk about artworks, there are essentially many stories behind them. We no longer look at some oil paintings and talk about more profound words. Today’s Mona Lisa and Van Gogh’s sunflowers are in the process of returning to zero. An era’s understanding of artworks, and an era’s art’s understanding of society, has pushed up the value of artworks in that era. In fact, artworks are in the process of returning to zero today. They may have archaeological value in the future, but not necessarily have artistic value; For example, the murals of the Nile River five or six thousand years ago may have more archaeological value today. Its art form makes today’s art students think deeply. It is a bit difficult and may have artistic value.But not necessarily a higher value.

The value of today’s META is constantly pushing up, and my friends a few days ago talked more.

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