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Great Interest in Proposed Supported Financial Environment for U.S. Manufacturing Industry

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Great Interest in Proposed Supported Financial Environment for U.S. Manufacturing Industry

April 13
11:33 2021
How to create a supportive financial environment

The United States economy is in a downward spiral. The national debt is now above 28 trillion dollars, and at 108% of Gross Domestic Product. In January, the U.S. had the most significant trade deficit ever recorded for a single month at 68.2 billion dollars. The country’s manufacturing industry is now at its lowest level ever recorded in modern times. That’s because the U.S. does not have a supportive financial system for manufacturing.

The linked document will explain the cause of the decline of the U.S. manufacturing industry. The principal reason for the slide is the high-cost healthcare industry. It will review several unlawful practices of the healthcare providers and insurance companies and how the law enforcement agencies failed to provide the protection needed. The article gives details about the last four decades of the health care industry’s growth and then the effect of COVID-19. The article touches upon U.S. Debt to GDP ratio and its impact on future infrastructure investments in the country. 

The article is precise and understandable, written for non-legal, non-financial, and non-accountants. The article discusses the two different required accounting methods, the very lax IRS audit procedures of the government business accounting and the private business accounting, the unrecognized kickback payments, the differences between cash and accrual accounting, the tax code requirements of GAAP, the unlawful contracts calling for price discrimination, and other tax problems.

Overall, it is an interesting read and an eye-opener with factual data point to support arguments. It also establishes a conclusion about how to stop the decline and build a supportive financial environmental system to rebuild the manufacturing industry in the U.S.

The present financial system makes the employers pay for social and healthcare benefits before they sell their services or products. The new system allows them to sell their services and goods, make a profit, and then take a small amount to cover the costs of social and healthcare benefits. 

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