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Octavia Trimm’s Book “The Purple Pearl and the Butterfly” Tells the Enthralling Story of a Life Changed Forever

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Octavia Trimm’s Book “The Purple Pearl and the Butterfly” Tells the Enthralling Story of a Life Changed Forever

July 23
21:40 2021

Octavia Trimm tells a remarkable true story in her eye-opening book, “The Purple Pearl and the Butterfly: Shocking First-Hand Account of the Afterlife!”. Octavia leaves nothing unsaid as she describes the very moment her life had a drastic change for the better. The book is engulfed with connotations of healing, spiritual wellness, and miracles. Octavia’s book hit the shelves on 17th October 2017 and has attracted good readership and reviews.

“This story will give you a fresh look at what we call consciousness and spiritual awakening. This book contains spiritual insights that point to understanding, freedom, deep peace, and courage. God took her through a special miraculous journey. Octavia is God’s special treasure. She identifies her Transformation to a Butterfly, as well as her Restoration and Healing to a Rare Purple Pearl”, says a spokesperson for the author Octavia Trimm.

It all began when Octavia found herself in a tragic car crash along with her husband and friends. The likeliness that any of them would make it out alive dropped tremendously. While their friends and family prayed, they could only but hope for a miracle. But when Octavia remained under, she had an experience that altered the course of her life. And in what seemed like an impossible thing, she came back from the dead.

In the book “The Purple Pearl and the Butterfly,” Octavia shares an incredibly accurate account of her glimpse into the afterlife. The reader will see moments of how Octavia experienced spiritual consciousness. She narrates walking through the Tunnel of Light, giving all who read a message of courage, hope, and perseverance.

“The Purple Pearl and the Butterfly” herald perfect praise to our God. Octavia’s well-crafted testimony is powerful and compelling. This is a good read, and it comes highly recommended. I’ve had the opportunity to meet this fine author and heard her tell her story. I am as riveted today as I was then”, says an impressed reader, Georgia Mitchell.

“The Purple Pearl and the Butterfly is even better than the second reading. So much wisdom in these pages. Thanks, Octavia, for sharing your experience”, says an overwhelmed reader, Shirah S. Penn.

Octavia Trimm was born in Louisiana. She grew up as the daughter of a US Army Career serviceman, which led to a tough life. She traveled a lot as a child, sometimes even overseas, where she experienced different cultures. Octavia has spent more than 30 years in corporate and real-world business. She was glad to have a successful Book Release and Book Signings at the Miami Book Fair in November 2017. She currently lives with her husband and daughter in South Florida.

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