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Remote Water Treatment Services Offers Solutions To Regional and Remote Communities

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Remote Water Treatment Services Offers Solutions To Regional and Remote Communities

December 13
21:26 2021

Remote Water Treatment Services delivers wastewater and water treatment solutions to address client water management issues outside of regional service areas. 

Remote Water Treatment Services understand that existing water supply systems in the remote communities are relatively simple, typically providing only basic disinfection. As such, the physical and chemical water quality is often poor, posing a number of health risks to the communities and contributing to a range of infrastructure and other problems.

Water is at the core of sustainable development and is critical for socio-economic development and for human survival itself.  It is vital for reducing disease and improving the health, welfare and productivity of populations, however remote communities often lack safe water access.

RWTS focus is on technical performance, 100% quality compliance with process, and recognizing their responsibility in adopting environmentally sustainable practices, in order to fulfill the most demanding reliability, safety, and quality standards essential to the regional and remote communities.


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RWTS sister company ‘EcoFarmer Australia’ is a well-known brand in Australia for its ‘plug and play’ containerised wastewater treatment plant. All Ecofarmer units have been designed with the state of the art equipment and manufactured for ease of use including easy deployment and rapid connection on-site, making them perfect for working camps and rural communities across Australia.


Reverse Osmosis technology is designed and implemented to site specification; according to the feed water characteristics that are unique to the site being treated. The RO systems can be designed and built to be configurated specifically for variable raw water TDS to accommodate seasonal changes in raw water quality.


RWTS Ultra-Filtration Membrane Modules are used to remove suspended substances, microorganisms, and impurities from various raw water sources. 

The advanced technology of these systems clarifies and decontaminates water by passing it through hollow, semi-permeable fiber membranes at low pressure, removing suspended matter on a molecular level. Through the use of this physical treatment process, the need for chemicals is eliminated, providing a more sustainable solution for the removal of larger solutes.


Chemical dosing systems are designed to provide an accurate, precisely measured delivery of a chemical or nutrient, in liquid or powdered form, to a medium such as water –  to meet a specifically required outcome or reaction.

RWTS chemical dosing systems include the highest quality analyzers and pumping equipment to deliver effective pH correction and chlorine dosing.


RWTS furthermore provides a wide range of specialist water treatment equipment. From media filtration systems, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis to chemical dosing or site dewatering, with over 100 years of combined experience you can entrust in our team!


RWTS can provide:

  • Good health and well being through water treatment solutions
  • Treatment for groundwater, brackish water, and seawater for producing high-quality drinking water or process water
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Reduced inequalities
  • Treatment of water for recycling and reuse
  • Operation and maintenance of water treatment solutions
  • Set up remote water systems, for remote communities

No Matter Where, No Matter The Problem, RWTS promises to deliver only the best!

Remote Water Treatment Services is a company that promises to provide solutions to address clients’ scope of works but also address any environmental water problems. 

Their extensive field experience means they are able to design, construct and service all areas of commercial water treatment, including local and overseas markets, which has resulted in an unrivaled expertise in all aspects of commercial wastewater and water treatment. 

Contact RWTS today to discuss your water or wastewater problem.

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