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AGELOCER won three awards of 2022 German design awards

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AGELOCER won three awards of 2022 German design awards

December 22
20:44 2021

Recently, the German National Design Award hosted by the German Brand Design Committee announced the list of winners of 2022. The watch brand AGELOCER from China stands out from the competitions from all over the world with its outstanding product design. They are the Astronomer Series 6404A1, The Schwarzwald Series 6001A1-R, and the Sapphire Tourbillon Series 9201S11. They won three outstanding product design awards in one fell swoop.

The German Design Award (GDA), sponsored by the German Brand Design Committee, was established in 1953 as a foundation at the initiative of the Lower House of the German Bundestag.

For nearly 70 years, the German Brand Design Council has supported all walks of life. A review meeting composed of international expert groups from companies, design universities and design institutions conducts evaluations in each category of design according to their respective majors, and selects the winner through a series of tests, inspections and discussions. Because of such professional and rigorous review, the “German Design Award” has become one of the most famous design competitions in the world, and has attracted much attention and attention from the design field. Over the years, world-renowned brands have been chasing after each other, and world-renowned brands such as Audi, Lamborghini, and Citizen are all on the list.

The theme of the German Design Award in 2022 is “The designer’s way of thinking”. The judging team checked at various levels and selected works that can answer the “new questions born in the ever-changing new world” from nearly 10,000 entries from all over the world.

Since its establishment in 2013, AGELOCER has always implemented the design concept of “redefining mechanical watches always surprised” to the end. The balance of rationality, beauty and creativity is implemented in every watch, so that mechanical timepieces are not only a tool for telling time, but also a different mechanical form to interpret the exploration of the world and express the spirit of the brave. In the 2022 German Design Award, AGELOCER answered the organizer’s “new questions born in the ever-changing new world” with a new era of mechanical watch design. Next, let us appreciate the winning works together.

The Agelocer Sapphire Tourbillon Series


The fully transparent sapphire tourbillon is another milestone design masterpiece of Agelocer for the application of new materials. It is the recognition of Agelocer’s bold design and exquisite quality by the German Design Award Committee.

This fully transparent watch is inspired by the overall design of “borderless”. The sapphire crystal glass case allows the tourbillon mechanical movement to be presented in 360° without dead angles. The flying tourbillon without a top bracket is flying in the sky, seeming to be suspended in mid-air.  In the fully transparent sapphire watch, the skeleton of the movement is intertwined with light and shadow, and is in harmony with all things. The bold and pure mechanical beauty is vividly displayed, deducting an all-round transparent and unbounded visual feast. The Agelocer sapphire tourbillon breaks through the stereotypes of the traditional tourbillon. From the appearance design to the movement mechanism, it is breaking through the technical difficulties, using modern design language to reinterpret the tourbillon.

The Agelocer Schwarzwald Series


The ‎Schwarzwald Series is one of Agelocer’s representative masterpieces. The hollow dial with interlaced DLC charcoal gray coating presents a deep beauty in the natural forest. The polished fish scale pattern on the dial reveals a dull texture as a whole, which outlines the unique scenery of the natural forest.

The dodecagonal design of this watch not only breaks the traditional appearance, but also has the function of rapid reading. Each of sides corresponds to a time scale, which solves the dilemma of poor outdoor reading conditions and brings convenience to consumers This is a watch suitable for outdoor use. The strap uses aerospace material fluorine rubber, which is light and flexible. It is waterproof, odor-resistant, heat-resistant, aging-resistant, and resistant to deformation. It takes into account performance and tough mechanical aesthetics, and is more suitable for the more complex and diverse wearing scenarios of the new generation of consumers.

The Agelocer Astronomer Series


Unlike the ‎Schwarzwald Series and the Sapphire Tourbillon series, which first appeared in international competitions, Agelocer’s astronomer series has won the London Design Award, the Berlin Design Award, the Italian A Design Award and other international design competition awards. The2022 German Design Award is the fourth international design award for the Astronomers series. The multiple awards are effective evidence that Agelocer’s innovation based on traditional complications has been widely recognized.

The astronomer series is inspired by the sun, moon, and stars, and uses the phases of the moon as a symbol to record time. But unlike the traditional moon phase watch window structure, the Agelocer astronomer series moon phase watch breaks the traditional small window-shielded moon phase design, and is the first to create a 28.5mm super immersive moon phase window. The exquisite watchmaking process perfectly integrates the vitality of nature into the mechanical timepiece, redefines the expression of the complicated functions of the traditional mechanical watch, and gives the wearer an immersive new wearing experience.

At the same time, as China’s first watchmaking model with 3D printing technology, the Agelocer Astronomer Series Moon Phase Watch uses 3D nano metal printing technology to produce the carved moon phases. The platinum plating process makes the lunar landscape more refined, upgrading modern technology and traditional functions.


As of 2021, Agelocer watches have won 9 international design awards, including the 2020 London Design Award, the 2021 Berlin Design Award, the 2021 Italian A Design Award and the 2022 German Design Award. Many products have won awards at the same time, and have gratifying achievements in today’s Chinese watch industry.

With bold design and outstanding watchmaking technology, Agelocer breaks the shackles of tradition and shows its own distinctive aesthetic imprint. In the future, I believe Agelocer will continue to work hard on the road of “redefining mechanical watches”, and look forward to their subversive creativity, superb skills and avant-garde innovation spirit to bring more and better watches to the world, showing Chinese watches to the whole world.

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