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MSN blockchain multiple security networks, opening a new generation of secure commercial chain

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MSN blockchain multiple security networks, opening a new generation of secure commercial chain

September 05
19:48 2019

Nowadays, we can see that the blockchain has become the main battlefield for the new generation of core technology competition in the world. Blockchain technology uses its distributed data storage to build public account books, decentralized point-to-point transmission and consensus on all-person governance. The strong trust and strong value transfer of the mechanism to reshape the production relationship have attracted the attention of many countries and financial giants around the world.

However, despite the continuous research and application, the blockchain still has certain security limitations, which leads to many challenges at both the technical and business levels. These challenges may be difficult points when the blockchain is more widely promoted and applied, and may become a technological breakthrough point for future blockchain technology.

How to fully guarantee user privacy and the security of sensitive data? How to improve the security and reliability of the blockchain technology network? This has become a common problem in the blockchain industry, and has even limited the process of application of the blockchain.

To solve industry bottlenecks, refactor user trust and blockchain commercial security and privacy. The MSN blockchain multi-security network is dedicated to building a new generation of secure commercial public links. MSN was jointly established by the Silicon Valley Blockchain Laboratory in the United States and the Stanford University CURIS Computer Research Institute in 2017 to address the security, link, collaboration, and rapid response of multi-technology modules and blockchains under multiple data sources. Public chain.

It is reported that MSN uses its safe and stable underlying public chain network and its advanced operation and compilation system to play an important role in international asset super-clearing, super-gateway, convenient smart contract, joint customer acquisition, etc., and to the blockchain field. Developers and enterprises provide better decentralized applications and services, enabling the transformation and upgrading of the real economy.

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